Whether a race or a rock concert, fashion or flower show, we can create, plan, manage, staff and execute your event.   Over 30 years experience dedicated to managing large-scale events in New York & New Jersey.   Reach out and talk to us now, just press the little button:



With 30 years of experience in events management and planning, we are proud to announce our newest Eventure, Muck, Mire & Mayhem or M3, a fantasy themed obstacle race for the young at heart.

Our mission is to inspire people with unique sporting events that drive them to accomplish a physical and mental goal. To sweat, laugh and be fearless in the face of adversity. To run a race that ignites the human spirit to its potential, and to carry that achievement into our daily lives.  Our sponsors are our partners: they share our vision and support diversity of all peoples and cultures.  We inspire each other and connect through a lifestyle of fun, adventure and fitness.  M3 is more than a race and our customers feel that.  Our mantra is to have fun, thrive and laugh every day. And it’s working.



In conjunction with Germany based award-winning production company Mammut Studios we offer custom taylored high end film solutions. Our productions range from broadcast and commercials to cinema releases.

Working with high end cameras and technology we are able to deliver content with a resolution of up to 6K and 300 frames per second slow motion.

Our aerial platform using camera drones, ultralight aircrafts and helictopers delivers 4-6K imagery, adding yet another dimension to your production.

Wether you are looking to produce a commercial, documentary or fictional content – we have got what it takes.



Whether a sketch on a napkin or a CAD drawing, we will bring your idea to fruition. Have an idea for a character? Let our artists design and illustrate your next story board or comic book.  We offer rendering, prototype and production expertise within the Toy and Gift industry. Want more info? Click this button: